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  • Tyco FPP EMEA Webinar Series - starting now again !

     Do not miss the Chance and enroll today ! Go to WEBINAR / EMEA and choose the Date and Session that fits you best.

  • TechXchange Academy Madrid - Grand Opening scheduled for 2014

    Tyco FPP is adding more and more facilities, to meet Tyco experts and to follow the latest training courses - including hands-on live equipment demonstrations of Sprinklers, Sprinkler Alarm Valves, Gaseous Suppression Systems, Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems and our Fire Detection and Alarm range.

  • TechXchange Academy, Mölndal - NFPA13 “Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems”

    The next Multiple Customer Training for NFPA13 (according to the 2013 Edition) to be announced soon - Keep an eye on the LIVE / EMEA Tab. For companies working with the authorities in Norway - this course is certified by FG !

  • TechXchange Academy Dubai - Grand Opening scheduled for 2014

     ...and another TechXchange Academy to go live soon. Global Strength and local Focus to satisfy the Industry and Customer Needs.