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Live training programs are conducted at one of our state of the art facilities or remote locations.  You have the ability to interact with your instructors and industry peers.

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EMEA | Foam Introduction | Enschede, Netherlands | Nov 27-28, 2017

Are you interested in learning about Foam & Foam Hardware?

This is an opportunity for you to get an introduction to the field of Firefighting foam and foam fire protection systems. We cover what Firefighting foam is, how it works, where and how it can and should be used, including differnet types, proportioning systems, protection options and general requirements.

No prior knowledge of foam is required.

Please review the Registration form, Agenda and Bulletin for more info, or contact us with any questions.

The course will be held in English language.






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Price: $0.00

Foam & FH Training  

EMEA | F-Gas Training | Official FIA Certification | Manchester | UK | November 28th, 2017

According to EC/842/2006 all businesses working with - and therefore having personal handling, servicing, commissioning, etc.  - systems containing any fluorinating gases (F-Gases) will be required to attend official training.

This course is an official certification course approved by FIA (UK).

Review the Bulletin and Registration Form for program details.

Contact with any questions.



Prices are available in the bulletin or upon request in the currency applicable.


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Price: $0.00

FIA F-Gas Certification Training The program will be spit in two sessions – both to be completed to get officially certified according to the F-gas Regulation, EC/842/2006.  

EMEA | Foam System Design | Enschede, Netherlands | Nov 29-30, 2017

 Do you want to learn more about Foam system Design?

This Foam system design course is for those of you who want more training on how to design a foam system. This course will cover design philosophy and how to use the EN and NFPA foam system design standards. Please open Subject covered will include Primary, secondary and back up protection requirements for flammable liquid storage Tanks and bund/dike areas. As well as indoors Storage protection using foam enhanced sprinkler systems, High expansion foam systems, and protection design for aircraft Hangars and helidecks.
 The course does not require previous foam system design experience but you need to know how foam works, and therefore you need to have taken the new Foam & Foam Hardware Introduction Course or have taken the previous certification course for Foam & Foam hardware systems.  
Please review the registration, Agenda and Bulletin for more info or contact us with any questions.
The course will be in held in English language
Prices are available in the bulletin or upon request in the currency applicable.


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Price: $0.00

Foam & FH Training  

EMEA | NFPA 13 | Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems | Mölndal, Sweden | December 12-14, 2017


The objective of the NFPA13 “Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems 2016 edition” training program is to provide understanding how to approach and work with this standard. Due to the limitations of the European standards the American standard NFPA offers more effective solutions to provide fire protection.


This module is updated to the latest version of the NFPA13 and the changes between the previous versions are highlighted.
This module will guide you through the NFPA13 chapter by chapter and will contain background information, examples, frequently asked questions and workshops for the implementation of this standard into your field.
Review Registration Form, Bulletin, Scope and Agenda for more program details. 
Contact with any questions.
Prices are available in the bulletin or upon request in the currency applicable.


FG approved / Norway!

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Price: $0.00

NFPA 13 “Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems”  

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